What our clients & colleagues say about the DMI Difference
  • “I learned more in a couple hours with Dr. Hass than the 6 months of training courses I was forced to attend. He spoke to me in my language and cut out the nonsense.”

    B. Murbach M.D. Cardiologist
  • "Epic became more user friendly as the Personalization Lab physicians managed by the Detroit Medical Informatics Physician group assisted us!"

    Joan Hershey, NP UMMS

“The hospital was faced with implementing the Epic Portfolio electronic medical record and the process had been arduous to that point having been postponed twice previously. To complicate matters further, the hospital had no prior EMR.

We made the decision to bring DMI onboard to assist existing personnel with technical assistance specifically targeted to physicians to help them with the implementation and it was the best decision we could have ever made. They took much of the apprehension out of the process for the physicians on the staff and I never ceased to hear what a great move it was to bring them in for the go-live.

It is safe to say that the success of the go-live with the medical staff was due in no small part to the work of DMI as evidenced by the fact that by the end of the first week of implementation, physician use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) was 90%. This is extraordinary for a hospital at any level.”

W. Eugene Egerton, MD
University of Maryland Medical Center
  • "Our hospital has been using Meditec for many years. I am set in my ways and change is often difficult for me.  I sat through many of the generic EPIC Trainings that were confusing and frustrating…. It was not until I received a personal email invitation from Dr. Saad that I felt connected to EPIC."

    M. Currens, NP Center for Addiction Medicine
  • "It was wonderful to have a physician who understood the medical terminology and choices in EPIC. Dr. Mark’s customization provided patient safety in our specialized practice."

    Michael Hayes M.D. Pulmonologist

“DMI quickly became a critical member our of our project team and worked collaboratively with Midtown Campus providers, University of Maryland Medical System IT staff members, Epic staff, and an array of other consultants and key stakeholders to keep our project on schedule and help our Midtown Campus physicians maintain momentum.

Our medical staff and executive leadership gained complete confidence in short time that DMI would deliver quality services. I was particularly impressed with the depth and experience of the DMI team and the diligence and professionalism with which they performed services. Their terrific interpersonal and skills were critical to DMI’s success with getting our physicians engaged and prepared for this dynamic change.

DMI provided an impressively high level of personalized service throughout Midtown Campus’ journey and displayed a sincere commitment to do whatever was necessary to ensure we had a smooth implementation. I highly recommend DMI as an extremely competent partner who will be invested in your project at every stage!”

Donald E. Ray
Vice President of Operations | University of Maryland Medical System
  • "Once the "Go Live" date became a reality I needed more handholding and the DMI Team truly had the patience and understanding that I needed."

    Marian Currens, NP University of Maryland
  • “You are amazing! I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, enthusiasm, and professionalism during this implementation.”

    Epic Project Manager Lahey Health & Hospital | Burlington, MA

“For many members of the medical staff, DMI’s Provider Personalization Lab proved to be an oasis of dedicated, caring, extremely knowledgeable rationality in the midst of often frustrating, nonsensical chaos. It was, indeed, heartening for me to see so many physicians return for multiple sessions. Unprecedented in my experience were the unanimous, rave reviews – imagine – not a single complaint from the medical staff – especially at a time of considerable stress.”

Thaddeus P. Pula, MD

  • “Dr. Saad resolved multiple issues on the spot; for those that needed system-wide or behind the scenes intervention, he was able to articulate the issues with a level of technical sophistication that was readily understood by the nonclinical analyst.”

    President of Medical Staff